Financial goals for 2011

moneyI’m almost finished with my accounting tasks to cap the past year’s income and expenses, and looking at my purchases and financial decisions, I’ve really learned some valuable lessons. Thus, for this year, I am making some changes with organizing the family budget and from now on I will always pay in cash, except for important transactions such as buying air tickets online when my credit card will be needed. For this year, I also will be more diligent in maintaining my stock portfolio regularly. For me, these are financial resolutions that aren’t a piece of cake, and it means choosing priorities over personal whims. Whew, just writing about it makes me anxious as I know it needs a lot of prudence, self-discipline and discernment.

Talking about investments, there are many other options for those who intend to achieve financial freedom and have passive income in the future. Aside from real estate properties and stocks, one can very well go into precious metals investing, which is a good opportunity to preserve one’s wealth.  Serious investors buy gold coins or silver bullion as they know these are unique investment products that increase in value over time. Even governments use gold as a hedge against inflation. Since the ancient times and over the centuries, gold has been an attractive product, not just for adornment or jewelry pieces but as part of one’s riches and possessions.

For this year 2011, more financial opportunities are offered to everybody. The trick is to be discerning and learn from past financial mistakes, and practice better financial habits in spending, saving and investing.

Care to share your financial goals for this year?

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