Back to work again

Happy Easter everybody! So we’re back to tackling some pending tasks and getting ourselves oriented with our regular work schedule again huh. Somebody on my Yahoo! Messenger has the online status of looking forward to the next holiday. Sigh. We just can’t get enough of holidays I guess.

Anyway, our family just spent the Holy Week here in the city and we supported most of the parish Lenten activities. Beside our home is a beach resort, so instead of going to farther venues to celebrate Easter, we just opted to stay nearby and it was indeed a good decision. Lunch was yummy with Rellenong Bangus or stuffed milkfish as our main dish. Thanks to Auntie for being the expert cook! She deboned the milkfish without cutting it in half and sewing it back as most cooks do. It was a budget celebration but a very enjoyable one.

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