So down

I woke up early today and opened my laptop to see some unread messages alert on Yahoo! Messenger. They were from my web hosting’s tech support. So finally they replied after I submitted a support ticket last Saturday about my travel blog which cannot be accessed. After more than a day, I got a reply from them. That’s the speediest response you can get from a webhosting service with technical support that is not 24/7 available.

I immediately could feel my heart sank as I read the four emails telling me that their servers are running fine and my site being down is a solitary case. The first message from them read: “We apologize but we can’t seem to see the source of the problem. The server is running just fine and only this domain does not load.” The next messages told me that “… the domain is pointing to a different or conflicting nameservers.” Tsk. I was also advised to change the DNS nameservers in my domain registry account which I did but will still take effect after about 24 hours.

And guess what’s up with my site now? It’s up and running but dated back to October 2008! backdate to october 2008

It seems to have a world of its own with the recent post still at October 28, 2008. I submitted another support ticket about this strange behavior and was replied by the tech support that they’re checking on it. Even my dashboard is backdated, including my widgets, links, sidebar and plugins still dated to October 2008.

These are just those times when I want to cry. Really. My travel blog is currently my main online venture and it’s so sad to see my Adsense report showing minimal clicks and my site visitors disappointed to visit a backdated site. Add to that are my Entrecard advertisers which I had to cancel to be fair with them. Ugh. I am in a waiting mode now. Waiting for the tech support to finally shed some light on the problem and hopefully fix it and waiting for my site to finally go back to its senses.

Have you encountered the same backdated problem with your site?

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