What motivates you to lose weight?

Most people I know are concerned about having slimmer waistlines and healthier figures. Losing weight is usually part of somebody’s New Year’s resolutions or personal goals for 2009. When you have a really important reason for achieving this goal, it would be much easier to start, such as medical reasons, an upcoming wedding or just wanting to look better.

A diet expert, whose article I read from Reader’s Digest, does not encourage the use of the term “weight loss” since it implies negativity and makes one feel deprived of happily consuming their favorite dishes or snacks. Instead it is advised to use the term “healthy eating” which connotes being responsible for your body’s nutrition with proper dieting. Thus it’s better to plan and be passionate about “healthy eating goals” than having “weight loss goals”.

Personally, I’ve been wanting to have healthy eating goals as well, not just to have a flat tummy but to have an overall feeling of being fit and healthy. Sadly, I still haven’t made plans about this and I honestly don’t know where to start. How about you, are you on a journey to having a healthier and fit lifestyle? What steps have taken to get started? Have you considered safe diet pills as an option?

Reading health articles and nutrition information also motivates oneself to start. It’s also encouraging to read from diet and fitness bloggers especially those with before and after photos. There are many diet and health articles available online from health center sites where they feature exercise videos, detoxifiers, mood enhancers and you can read up on health topics such as stress management, diet plans, metabolism and other related articles.

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