Learning via virtual classroom technology

The training project I’ve blogged about last month didn’t push through. I was not really that disappointed about it since it was scheduled for mid-December when all of my siblings will be here. The family’s been doing a lot of preparation to accommodate many guests, they’re actually my brothers and sisters and their families who will be here for Christmas.

Regarding the proposed training, it might be next year, though I am not that enthusiastic about it. The participants wanted a different module and according to my contact, they really don’t know what they wanted to learn. Well, I can’t also make a custom training module for them if they are not specific with what they want. Maybe they’re thinking of learning in a virtual classroom instead of traveling all the way to Thailand for training?

Online classroom sessions usually include participation tools, online desktop sharing, interactive whiteboard and more. This kind of learning using web conferencing technology has actually worked for some companies who need to train their employees in different locations. Personally, I still go for the real classroom training especially when it involves study visits. Companies who would like to consider virtual classroom technology can weigh the pros and cons first before deciding to provide online training to their staff.

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