This week’s pleasant surprises

Pleasant surprise number 1: Instant cash!

The other day while Dad was preparing my bedroom wall for drilling (for a woven wall décor to be hanged), Mom and I moved my bed and as I lifted up the foam, I saw a white envelope tucked under. I curiously opened it and found Php1,500 (about $30) inside. I think I placed it there many months ago and totally forgot about it! :) It was not really a huge amount but that instant cash was really a big help considering money is really tight these days.

Pleasant surprise number 2: Irresistible offer!

I got an email for another training project in Thailand for December. I already sent a quick reply (it’s a yes, of course!) with a proposed training outline and schedule for the participants. Now I’m praying this project will really push through. Please help me pray about it, OK? Thanks!

Pleasant surprise number 3: Early messages!

I got early text messages from a dear friend today, and nope they were not those forwarded chain messages I usually get. She texted me that she read my post about New York in my travel blog (she’s a regular visitor to our family’s blogs) and their family is planning to visit there next summer coz their US tourist visa has been granted. I am just so happy for them, I myself am dreaming of going to NYC. I was also amused coz she asked me if it’s okay for her to comment even if she has no blog coz she said she really wanted to comment. Getting text messages that are not the usual forwarded ones really make my day!  :)

How about you, any pleasant surprises that happened lately?  😉

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Update: The baby in the photo is my cute niece little C.

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