Shopping with environmental awareness

Do you prefer buying environment-friendly products over those that are not? Somebody recommended to me a cellphone brand which supports Greenpeace Foundation, an international organization which aims for environmental protection and conservation and promoting peace. While most consumers support these global concerns, their purchasing habits are still not that totally dependent on whether a product is eco-friendly or not, maybe because most are not aware about which products are harmful to the environment and which are not.

It’s good that many companies are now integrating environmental awareness and conservation in their systems by producing biodegradable products or eco-friendly gadgets. For instance, Asus recently launched their Bamboo Series notebook PC which they claim to be “truly green” from conception, production up to recycling and disposal. It would be nice to use a laptop such as this, knowing that it will be properly disposed of in the future.

Another big plus is its Super Hybrid Engine feature which provides longer battery life than most notebooks with the same specifications. I also like its wooden case which contrasts with the sleek modern designs of most notebooks today. More eco-friendly products are featured at such as the Energy Detective (a gadget for monitoring energy consumption), a water powered calculator, WaterMill, Eco Stapler or the Coleman Solar car battery charger.

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