Why I love my previous telecom job

I used to work in the quality control department of a telecoms firm and just reminiscing about those years gives me that feeling of thankfulness. Yup, I could ramble endlessly about how my previous telecom job was fun and challenging despite some personal discomforts like having to wake up early or wearing some stiff corporate attire. :)

While my main job description was research (that meant reading lots of articles, books and documents), it was also balanced with out-of-office work such as site visits and plant inspections. My colleagues and I were also tasked to meet different suppliers and evaluate the products/services they offer. It was like shopping some goodies for your company and choosing among the best at the most reasonable price. We were assigned to review, do research and decide on the product quality of telecom equipment to be used for our landline services in terms of function, design and technical standards.

My favorite part of the job was visiting the supplier’s plant where we learn more about the details of their production process. My colleagues and I also get to go to trade shows and visit the booths and displays of prospective suppliers. There would also be occasional field visits within the city and in other provinces to perform acceptance testing of equipment which to me was the best part since it gave me the chance to travel and be away from the humdrum of working behind my desk. I was also blessed to have been one of the engineers sent to Europe for a three-week training (it was my first trip to this dreamy continent) which gave me the rare chance to visit some of the tourist attractions during weekends.

Another big plus with my previous job was having to work with generous and understanding bosses and superiors. I know some employees would complain about how irresponsible, stupid or crazy their bosses are. My bosses were not angels and they had their personal faults but their professionalism in dealing with their staff, providing inspiration, encouragement and support during tough times, was a blessing. I made many friends with my office mates as well and still communicate with some of them. Thus, when I decided to call it quits to pursue a different career path, it was a difficult one for me. I’m always grateful for my previous telecom career, it gave me not just work experience but heartwarming memories and countless life lessons learned.

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