Using technology to our advantage

Just as a person’s attitude towards money can either make him a good manager of his personal finances or a sorry slave to his unnecessary expenses and debts, one’s approach towards today’s technology can either make him more organized and productive or an irresponsible and inconsiderate individual.

When a person becomes a slave to technology, he tends to veer away from what really matters most. Here are just few examples:
• Conversing loudly with the mobile phone (or loud alerts and ringing tones) inside movie houses, churches, restaurants, etc. – This is just being inconsiderate to others. Get out of the room when making a call and put your phone on silent mode or turn it off during meetings or solemn gatherings.
• Sending SMS while driving – There’s been an increase in road accidents because of this. If you feel you should use your phone urgently, stop by the roadside and resume your texting or phone call.
• Too much TV – While being entertained with TV shows is fine, studies reveal that being glued to the tube for many hours can be demotivating and can make one lose his focus on the more important personal goals.
• Excessive computer games – same reason as above

With technology comes the responsibility to use it wisely and leverage it to our advantage:
• To make things a lot easier,
• To increase efficiency and productivity
• To learn more,
• To improve friendships and build lasting relationships,
• To be a better person.

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