Some facts about acne

Yes or no? Peanuts, chocolates, and some fatty foods will cause unsightly zits on your face.

Answer: No.

Yup, chocolate lovers, that’s something to be happy about! You might have heard your parents and some of your friends knowingly tell you about chocolates or fatty foods causing acne. This is actually not true based on the studies of the American Academy of Dermatology. There is no direct relation between acne and eating chocolates, peanuts, pizza and other greasy delights.

Note however that some foods could trigger acne according to a person’s physical makeup, and it’s a different case for everyone. Thus, when your acne is triggered by some food, it doesn’t apply to all. It’s important to observe which foods aggravate your acne and avoid them. This does not mean that you’ll gorge on oily foods though. It’s still best to have a healthy diet and keep away from too much fats.

Lots of rest and keeping away from too much stress is essential to having a healthy skin as well. For instance, I notice that my face would start to have those zits when I sleep late or lack rest. More articles about acne can be browsed over at, an online resource for everything about acne – its causes, prevention methods, treatment, solutions and many more.

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