Gas-saving tip: Roll-up covers for pickups

With the rising price of gasoline these days, one has to find ways to lessen car expenses. For those owning a pickup, installing a roll up tonneau cover can actually help you economize on fuel. This is due to the cover minimizing aerodynamic drag which is one of the factors affecting gas mileage.

I browsed over some tonneau covers at Agri-Cover, Inc. where you can find accessories for pickup or agricultural equipment such as agricultural tarps, truck bed covers and other products. The site also provides a gas savings calculator should you plan on installing a roll-up cover for your pickup. For instance, if the current miles per gallon your truck averages is 14 mpg and you drive an average of 1000 miles for a month, your monthly savings would be $17.19 if the cost of gas per gallon is $3.25, while your 5 year savings would be $1,031.40. This is just an estimate and the numbers actually depend on your actual use, but this just goes to show the big savings you get when you think of long-term use for your pickup.

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