Helpful kids

“Auntie, your laptop is hot,” my 7-year old niece told me knowingly. She would tell me that ‘important information’ almost every time she drops by and sits beside me on my laptop. So, that comment is already an expected one from her, and I would just reply with a shrug.

Now I was a bit amused when her 5-year old brother, told me the same thing just this evening when he was chatting via webcam in my laptop. Yeah, he told me that my laptop was hot and even showed me his hand touching it. Ugh…kids… I know, I know… it IS hot and it shouldn’t be… I didn’t bring my laptop cooler with me, that’s why.

I just find it amusing when kids also share what’s on their mind, be it some information which they think you need especially when you forgot something. It’s their way of trying to be helpful.

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