Life gets in the way…of blogging!

It’s a case of being ‘blogless’ as I would like to call it (a play of the word ‘speechless’ when you ran out of something to say)… a state of being unable to post anything on your blog.

Seriously, I haven’t been updating this blog regularly these days due to a lot of reasons…and they could also be just alibis. I guess I am just enjoying my vacation here in Finland:
– late breakfasts
– chit chats in the kitchen
– grocery trips in the afternoon
– trying out some new dishes
– touring and sightseeing around Pori
– cooking
– baking
– TV watching
– playing with my nephews and nieces
…and all those things that kept me away from blogging… including lulling baby niece to sleep while singing the Muffin Man song. :)

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