Me in Pori… at last!

I just arrived here in Pori, Finland with my parents, cutie sis and baby C last Sunday evening. It is summer here but the outside temperature is still cold for me though I can see some ladies wearing sleeveless shirts and skirts or shorts while walking around the city. Well, I am still getting myself used to the cold weather here though so I have to bring a jacket or sweater with me when going out.

We still haven’t toured more than a kilometer away from where we are staying, in my big sis’ flat. It’s situated just right in the center of Pori, so everything is within walking distance – schools, shops, groceries and all. Cutie sis and I were just having daily trips to the nearby grocery to buy some food and stroll around with baby C so she can be lulled to sleep the easy way. I learned one thing though… just smile at the cashier when she speaks in Finnish as she hands over your change.

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