Great vacation alternative

Home vacation rentals are very common nowadays as a more practical alternative to hotel accommodations. For instance in Northern France, they have gîtes which are cottages converted to accommodate a small group of 4 to a bigger group of 15 or more. These are self catering units with fully furnished rooms and kitchens complete with cooking equipment and utensils. Some gîtes offer bed and breakfast or full board for the guests.

For those planning to spend their vacation in France, they can opt for cheap holiday rentals in Calvados and experience staying in one of the many gîtes available. There are also self catered Normandy gites for those who prefer a home away from home ambiance with their family while on vacation. For those who opt for luxurious villas, they can check out the private gites near Nievre, France.

I haven’t stayed in a gîte before, so this is one type of accommodation I would like to experience in one of my future travels.

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