On collecting junk and time management

Do you know somebody who’s fond of accumulating all sorts of things – from old books, worn out décors, used clothes, outdated accessories, old CDs and tapes, obsolete electronic stuff, some files, papers and whatever? They think that these things MIGHT still be useful in the future. Fact is, most of them are junk collections and actually take up a LOT of precious space in the house, leaving you with limited area for the more essential stuff. While it’s good to organize and arrange our things, more space can be acquired if some unimportant stuff are thrown or given away.

Some people find it difficult to let go of their belongings which for me could have been used by others who need it more such as old clothing or books. These things remind them of a meaningful phase in their lives, thus unconsciously it is their way of holding on to the past. I know somebody who stores a high pile of books dated ages ago, but still he refuses to get rid of them even if they are slowly rotting away in the corner. I wonder how long will he continue to hold on to these books and if he still has the time to read even one of them?

Personally, I’m a bit of a ‘junk collector’ myself. Not that I want to keep some unimportant stuff piled up. It’s just that I don’t have the time to sort out and decide which to throw and which to keep. Aarghhh… spending just few hours going through my things can be mentally draining actually. I really hope I can find time soon to have an inventory of my belongings. This thought has been on my To-Do list for a long time already. Tsk, so this is where my simple time management tips come in handy, yeah?

Just this evening while walking along the mall, I saw an announcement about recycling trash and receiving cash in return. Hmmm… my hopes were suddenly revived while reading more information. Now I can get rid of the many ink cartridges and damaged computer stuff here in my room. It’s a good start to let go of the ‘junk collector’ in me.

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