Seeing clearly

Having poor eyesight when I was still a kid was a big discomfort to me. Mom took me to the optometrist for a checkup and days after I was sporting some big framed eyeglasses in school. Ugh. I resented it a lot that time so I would secretly took out my eyeglasses as soon as I stepped in the classroom.

Later on my stubbornness caused me problems with copying what’s written on the blackboard. Some of my grades slipped down because I was stupid enough that time to refuse wearing what could have helped me see things clearly. Anyway, I slowly incorporated wearing my glasses when I was in high school. In church, I would always close my eyes and pray to God for a miracle, hoping for a 20/20 vision when I open my eyes again.

What I wished for didn’t happen that way though but I still can see things clearly now. Thanks to my contact lenses! I got rid of my uncomfortable and bulky eyeglasses and welcomed the daily routine of taking care of my lens – soaking, cleaning, rinsing, putting on to my eyes and all. For me, the miracle I prayed for manifested itself in a pair of contact lenses, my tiny secret eyeglasses.

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