15 Idiosyncrasies about me

It’s meme time again and I got tagged by Raine (floraine.blogspot.com), Virus (ramblingvirus.i.ph) and Wil (wilreyes.blogspot.com) with a meme about listing 15 idiosyncrasies about me. Now, some of them are not really that weird or unusual but I am running out of things to talk about myself, I guess I still have to snap myself out of my blog hiatus mode. Sorry, but I had to borrow some from the 6 weird things meme I did before.

Here they are, weird or otherwise, enjoy reading my list:

1. I sometimes wake up with music playing in my mind which I haven’t heard before. If only I know how to write down the notes, I might come up with a new hit. 😉


2. I drink Gatorade to keep me up on late nights. When I have a deadline for a project, you can see empty bottles of Gatorade accumulated in the kitchen a week after.

3. I get misty-eyed watching sad parts of cartoons or animated films.

4. I find ironing clothes therapeutic, seeing the crumples and creases being straightened and flattened out with just a smooth glide of the iron on it.

5. I scrape the remaining egg white inside used egg shells and put it on my face as a quick facial mask.

6. I have an inventory in excel file of a list of some books and souvenirs I keep.

7. My fave veggies are the slimy ones like okra pods, alogbate, asparagus, takway, and tugabang.

8. My fave homemade sandwich is TLC — Tomato, Lettuce and Cheese — heated for 10 seconds on a microwave.

organizers9. I have this unusual fondness for pocket sized notebooks and organizers. I was recently at a bookstore, making an extremely important decision of which notebook to buy, and ended up buying all four of them. :) I realized I’m not alone in this ‘notebook collection craze’ after reading Raine’s 15 idiosyncracies post.

10. I love reading dark grey text on white background, and I’m addicted to the fonts Trebuchet MS (the font you’re seeing on this blog’s entries) and Arial (the font I used for the title of each entry).

11. Most of the books I have are all about financial freedom, business, wealth and self-development. Tsk… now, how to apply? hehe

12. I sometimes practice auto-suggestion (feeding the subconscious mind with positive thoughts) before going to sleep.

sipil13. I can study and solve mathematical equations better when I have upbeat music in the background.

14. I’m attracted to ‘butingtings’ or accessories or anything cutesy.

15. And what’s this sticking out near my left ear? Yikesss
In Hiligaynon dialect it’s called ‘sipil’. Sorry I dunno the English term for it (anybody who knows?), it’s a natural growth and others say it’s a lucky charm (though I dont believe in them). My Dad used to tease me by rubbing it (just like Alladin’s lamp) and murmuring some magic words like, “sipil, sipil, tagai kami kuarta!” (sipil, give us money!) when I was still a kid, and I was hoping lots of cash would suddenly appear. :)

Now it’s tagging time! I’m tagging Tony (techxplore.net), Tin-tin (prettytin.blogspot.com), Bea (beatriz.i.ph), Daisy (dazeee.i.ph), Alternati (sarcasm-aside.blogspot.com) and Aileen (simplepleasures.i.ph). I’m looking forward to reading your lists. Enjoy doing this meme! :)

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