Money, is it evil?

moneyIs money really evil?

In itself it is not. It is only a form of exchange for buying, a piece of paper with some amount printed on it.

Man’s attitude towards money is what makes him bad or good, an evil person or a saint. The heart’s motives for having money and the way it is obtained is what truly counts. A generous person would always need more money to share with others, while a selfish person would always want more money to squander for his insatiable desires.

Isn’t it unfair to say that money is evil when it is the one giving you the power to purchase your needs? How can you attract something that you inwardly condemn? It’s simply based on the Law of Attraction, you cannot attract that which you hate. How can you become wealthy when you criticize other successful and wealthy men? It is also good to affirm the wealth of others. Of course, those persons we know who became rich through dishonest ways are already condemned, time will come when they will reap the seeds of their own selfishness.

And who says that only the rich are selfish? Why do we generalize all rich persons as such when some poor people are even worse – they whine a lot, ranting about the misery of their lives, about their stingy bosses when the truth is they are just lazy, they didn’t even work hard enough and they spend most of their wages over petty vices instead of providing for their family’s needs. On the other hand, there are some rich persons who are truly generous, they not only share what they have, they also devote most of their time helping others.

(to be continued)

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