Tropical delight

I hear a big familiar thud outside the yard.

This was followed by some more of the same sound.

Hearing this makes me smile knowingly.

Yup, some heavy objects falling to the ground…

coconuts! :)


We have two coconut (aka buko in Tagalog, butong in Hiligaynon) trees in our front yard and they’re giving us lots of these yummy coconut meat and sweet juice which we enjoy almost everyday. My Dad has a technique of getting the coconuts with a long sturdy stick.

There are many ways to enjoy this tropical nut:

1. You can just eat its meat straight from the shell, or put in a bowl mixed with its juice.


2. You can eat it pure and unadulterated or mixed with little condensed milk.


3. You can also make yourself a tropical dessert of ‘Buko Sago Salad’ which is a concoction of buko strips, sago, condensed milk and all purpose cream.

Yummy! Kain tayo. :)

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