Another blue screen!

I’m so happy today! Finally, I was able to keep our desktop computer up and running with freshly installed Windows XP. No more dreaded blue screen screaming at me with it’s sorry-but-I-have-to-kill-your-PC words. It’s like a big thorn has been taken out from my brain. Now, I’m looking at a different blue screen that definitely looks better than the previous one. Anyway, the problem was with the CMOS setup, I checked it in detail yesterday and discovered that the BIOS plug and play devices option was disabled. Argghhh… Now I dunno why it was like that or what could have caused it? I usually don’t play around with the CMOS setup. I asked my Dad, and he also didn’t do anything to it. Maybe Scrappy did! (He’s our doggie actually, and he always gets the blame for any unexplained happenings in our house.) Well, it doesn’t matter anyway… I’m just so glad the computer is now alive.

This is definitely the blue screen I’d like to see. :)

I also got big help from Avira’s freeware NTFS4DOS which helped me access the faulty XP drive (on NTFS format) while I was running on Win98 OS. With this program, I was able to copy and transfer some important files from the XP drive to the Win98 drive.

Okey, enough of the techie talk!  I am just blabbering here… Time to celebrate with an ice cream! Banana split, anyone? :)

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