Jazzing up our home

Recently my Dad bought lots of different sizes of those thin black plastic pots.  “What for?” I asked.

He said he wanted to make something nice for our garden…something that would look like this:

The flower carpet garden at the Royal Flora exposition we went to last December in Chiang Mai.

I just smiled when I heard him. Oh well, those flowers were planted in plastic pots, with same color and variety grouped together. The resulting display of different hues just looked awesome (including us?! hehe). It also inspired my Dad to do something like that for our garden.

He’s starting with these plants now:

Still a loooooong long way to go Dad! : ) 

As for me, I’m done with my design project for now, so I have more time to look around our house and think of adding up some accessories to beautify our home. Its fun getting some home improvement ideas from websites such as Online Discount Mart where they have new products for Spring 2007. I browsed on a lot of cool stuff in their site like fountains, garden furniture and accessories, home decors, wind chimes, wall decors and many other different items.

Heres a personal favorite – the Pinewood garden swing:

Ahhh…. what a nice way to relax!

I was also able to get some great home decor ideas, landscaping tips such as walkway design, and even do-it-yourself projects such as how to make your own fountain. 

I’m still wondering though… do you think my Dad will be able to make a mini ‘flower carpet’ in our garden too?  Hmmmm… I’ll give him some more time, since he is also busy with his carpentry and tinkering with other stuff. :)

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