My fave posts from my blogsy friends

My fave posts from my blogsy friends

I love blog-hopping and I always have this feeling of admiration for the writer, how those thoughts and ideas are put into words, and how some could even share so much about themselves online.

OK, that’s just the intro, hehe… this is actually a meme I have on my mind which I mentioned in my previous post. Yup, this is it! I’d like to spread a ‘virus’ of blog appreciation here in the blogosphere. It will encourage appreciation of our blogmates’ written efforts and validate their own ideas and thoughts. It will also encourage everybody to visit other blogs as well.

Here are the rules:

1.    Choose five blogs randomly from your blogroll.
2.    For each blog, choose at least one entry (you could add more) which is your favorite post by this blogger.
3.    Include a link to this post and explain why you like it.
4.    The chosen five bloggers are considered tagged and they will also have to do the same in their blogs.

Don’t be too hung up on grammar or some writing technicalities, just choose for the simple reason that you enjoyed reading the entry – it made you laugh, shed tears, fuming mad, motivated, inspired – whatever your reasons are, you think it’s the blogger’s best post so far and could even make it to the list of the blogosphere’s all time favorites.

Here are my five picks (consider yourselves tagged and enjoy doing the meme!):

1.    Snglguy (Inside the Mind of a Single Guy) > This is my fave blog for current events, politics and anything goes. Reading some of his posts is like reading an editorial with his distinctive manner of rants and raves.
My faves:
        Can’t win em all… – I just love how you replied to that offensive comment… nakakabilib! 
        The Couch Potato: A Classics Weekend… and The Couch Potato: A Classics Weekend part 2 – very informative posts about some movie classics, I learned something here!

2.    Raine (Introspection) > This girl is witty and it shows in her posts which can make me laugh and surprise me sometimes.
My faves:
My five dream jobs – I like how it’s written, with matching images pa. It’s true, when you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not even called a job after all.
        Fortuneteller – enjoyed reading this, written in a funny way. I can relate coz I don’t like fortunetellers, horoscopes, and other forms of astrology.
My struggle to be a non-Catholic – I love the honesty of this post… Raine, you just don’t know how this post affected me, it got me thinking deeply about my own faith as a Catholic too, and strangely enough this post made me appreciate my faith even more. 

3.    Daisy (The Blue Apron) > this used to be a food blog but later took on a different path when the owner of the blue apron got transported to a different kitchen!
My faves:
        A Dish With No Name – this is my fave featured dish, mainly coz it has no name, meaning it is original, and the photos are great.
My stalker –  initially I had no idea who’s the stalker, and was surprised to find out who he was in the end.

4.    Rey (Artkitekto) > Talented architect and comic artist
        My faves:
        Burst of life  – of all the paintings and sketches featured in his blog, this one is a personal fave
Memories of the river – so poignant and touching, brings back some childhood memories for me too

        Steps in making a Masterpiece – this is a recent post I so love coz it’s a cool cute presentation of steps in drawing which truly shows a parent’s appreciation for his kid

5.    Tin-tin (What Makes My Life Pretty?) > being pretty inside and out
        My faves:
Grrrrr!wala lang, nakakaaliw lang, how you reacted to a distasteful message in your tagboard,
        face(s) of tin-tin – fave ko ‘to, I like how the pics show the transition from being a toothless pa-cute kid to being a sexy and still pa-cute lady.

Whew! I wanted to post all my fave posts from my blogroll but I’ll leave that up to the others, hope this meme reaches you soon! naks. What about me? Which of my posts are your faves? assuming talaga, hehehe… : )

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