On credit cards

According to Bankrate.com, most Americans carry between five and ten credit cards. How about you? How many do you have?

Well, we all know the pros and cons of using these small plastic cards on our wallets. Convenience is the main reason, especially for online purchases. Though I’ve known some friends who are struggling to pay off their outstanding debts, I do know of some people who are regularly paying their credit card bills monthly and I admire them for that. It takes a lot of discipline to manage one’s finances prudently.

Credit cards will always be part of the average consumer’s spending and more people are still signing up for new accounts. Doing research for the right card is important and there are online sites that give consumers a comparison list on a wide range of cards to suit their lifestyle, whether one is a student on a tight budget or a high-profile executive and whether they want 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers, cash back, have bad credit, student cards, and more.

Remember, the important thing is to make your credit cards your slave and not the other way around.

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