FISH! for life

FISH! for life

Ever heard of the ‘FISH! Philosophy’?

Wherever you find the FISH! Philosophy, you will find the following ingredients (although the proportions may vary):

1. Play (fun and lightheartedness),

2. Make Their Day (a focus on engaging others in ways that lift their spirits),

3. Be There (living in the present moment and giving others our full attention), and

4. Choose Your Attitude (understanding that whatever attitude you are carrying with you right now, it is the one you are choosing).

I got this from the bookFISH! for life’ which tells a story about a couple with the usual work and relationship problems and how they handled them by applying the FISH! Philosophy.  It’s your usual self-help book but it’s none of the heavy stuff that you’ve read like the logotherapy theory of Frankl, the war strategies of Sun Tzu, or James Allen’s philosophy on the power of  thought.

FISH! for life’ by Stephen C. Lundin, John Christensen and Harry Paul is a light easy read, you can just finish the book in one sitting. The book was bought by my sister when National Bookstore had this ‘dirt-cheap’ sale of books. She wanted to buy something that’s just a light read. Seeing the cartoon graphic of  fishes with bubbles on a yellow cover and reading a bit of the summary made her buy the book. Now that’s a perfect example of judging a book by its cover, if you ask me. : )

When we got home, she was able to finish reading the book in just few hours. I guess she was satisfied as she concluded, “It sure is a light read!” She even persuaded me, “You have to read it. There’s a chapter on being fit and healthy.” She told me this ‘cause she knows I’ve been wanting to do some exercise to shed off some extra pounds, but never had the time or will to do so. “OK, I’ll see about that later,” I told her. Sadly, that ‘later’ turned to a few more months.

(To be continued)

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