Has anything changed in my life because of blogging?

None at all!!!

Okey, I must admit when I started blogging last year, I wasn’t thinking where this would lead me, all I wanted was just an avenue to write out my thoughts and share it online, whether it will be read or not. And looking back, I could say, blogging has indeed changed and affected my life in some ways. So, when Snglguy tagged me with a meme about listing 5 things that happened because of blogging, I immediately thought of what I gained and learned because of taking up a home in the blogosphere. Here are some of them:

1. I gained some ‘blogsy’ habits. I used to frequent chatrooms a lot, now I spend more hours blogging and reading blogs. And nowadays I check my blog first before I open my e-mail.

2. I became more open-minded to other people’s beliefs, ideas and opinions. As what I have mentioned when I was still new to the blogosphere, “I am seeing the lives of different people from all over the globe… in a more personal way.” I also realized that there are so many talented writers out there, some of their posts are way better than what you read in magazines or newspapers, it gives me that feeling of admiration to read blogs like these but as the saying goes, ‘too many blogs, so little time.’

3. I was able to meet and build friendships with some GREAT (interesting, smart, funny, wonderful) persons in the blogosphere and I learned a lot from. They’re technically called blogmates but I call them my ‘blogsy friends’.

4. I learned some more Internet stuff  – participating in memes (such as this), finding out what’s a PR (page rank), discovering how important a site statistics counter is (thanks to sitemeter), subscribing to RSS feeds, and the list goes on and on.

5. I got paid for writing some posts. It was a challenge for me to be able to insert the ad links in the content and still maintain my blog’s personal theme. (By the way, if you’re interested about earning through your blogs, especially if you have a high page rank, just email me at ideasnpink@gmail.com)

Now I’m tagging 5 lucky blogsy friends to do this meme (hehe, parang raffle draw…):

1. Bea – beatriz.i.ph
2. Jef – jefisthinkingaloud.blogspot.com
3. Raine – floraine.i.ph
4. Rey – reybronx.blogspot.com
5. Tin-tin – prettytin.blogspot.com

I know lots of things happened to you because of blogging, care to share some of them??? Happy weekend everyone!

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