Just having a break :)

Even if I’m busy sometimes, I still can’t help but indulge myself in the trivialities of life.

Just like last night, I sneaked few minutes watching TV even though I have to prepare for an important trip tomorrow. Oh well, what was on TV anyway? Just another performance night of Philippine Idol and I must admit I am rooting for Mau and Gian. The theme was Big Band night and the idols sang classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole and other 50’s and 60’s hitmakers.

Anyway, I was in my room sorting out things, and so when the commercials were over, my mom would call out and tell me, “dali na di, ari na!” (come here, it’s starting now). I would immediately scamper to the living room and watch. Then when it’s commercial time, I would go back to my room again. Good thing, the show finished and I was able to focus on what I had been doing. But my mom was hooked on the TV, she was watching Miss Earth 2006. She kept telling me to watch it too and I had to refuse such temptation. I still have to pack up my luggage.

Unfortunately, I felt my tummy grumbling, so I went out to have some oatmeal. Now this time, I ate in front of the TV and I saw the contestants parading in their swimsuits. I remembered somebody’s comment that a beauty contest is one good excuse for ladies to wear something skimpy indoors. :-) Looking at the contestants, you see different shapes of faces and features and all of them are so pretty. Even their noses looked so perfect, like they had rhinoplasty before the pageant.

Guess what, I was stuck to my seat even after finishing my oatmeal. I ended up watching the pageant until Miss Chile, the Miss Earth 2006, was crowned. So much for self-control. :-)

Miss Earth 2006
Miss Earth 2006 Chile’s Hil Yesenia Hernandez Escobar, second from left, is flanked by Miss Earth-Fire, Venezuela’s Marianne Puglia Martinez, Miss Earth-Air, India’s Amruta Patki and Miss Earth-water, Philippines’ Catherine Untalan during the coronation night in Manila late Sunday Nov. 26, 2006. Miss Earth is a privately-organized annual beauty contest that aims to promote public awareness of environmental protection issues and promote tourism. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila) from Yahoo! News Photo

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