Happiness is… a ‘messy’ pink room

My bedroom used to be cozy and pleasant to the eyes. Now it’s crowded with two drafting tables inside and papers and drawings and blueprints all over. Well, I can’t even keep them yet coz I am still working on them. Even some books are cluttered on the shelves. That’s what I get when I’m working on a project – my room has become a temporary office. Sometimes it gives me a headache to see disorganized things… but, well, I have to live with it. How I wish we can start with the construction of an office in the garage area, so I can transfer all these stuff there, and especially the tables which have become quite a bother to me, sigh… but that’s just wishful thinking, still no budget for that yet.

That was my unspoken complaint for weeks already, until recently my Mom and I had a conversation about what one of our visitors said about my room. She happened to go inside because she had to try on some clothes. You know what she told Mom? That she really liked my pink room… I dunno how she was able to admire it amidst all the “mess”! The comment was actually more like a wish for her own bedroom. Maybe because they’re just living in a shanty…

Then a sudden thought gave me a strange weird feeling… and it stayed on my mind for the rest of the day: I am already living in reality somebody else’s dream

Ironic, isn’t it? Sometimes, the things we possess, we take for granted… and we don’t even realize how others are actually wishing and longing for what we already have.

You bet, I am not complaining anymore… I’ve not only learned to live with the “mess”, but even learned to love it, they’re actually necessary! It means I have a project to work on – thank God! The disarray will be cleared up anyway when I’m through.


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