Weird, unusual, strange, odd…. ME!

It seems like there is a widespread meme outbreak plaguing the blogosphere lately. So, I’ve been tagged again with another meme from Snglguy and Ric. This time I’m tasked to list some 6 weird things about myself. OK, here goes…

  1. I get misty-eyed watching sad parts of cartoons or animated films. I remember getting so emotional on the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’…remember that part where the Beast was dying and Beauty told him those magical three words? 😀 I remember shedding few tears on ‘Mulan’, and also the ‘Land Before Time’ series. Man, I’m getting embarrassed now… One time, my 6-year old nephew and his younger sister, about 3 years old, were watching an animated film for the nth time, my nephew pointed to the screen, “I cried on that part!” to which his sister chirped in, “me too!” OK, so at least I’m not alone in this, right?
  2. Whenever I use eggs for cooking, I don’t throw the shells right away. What I always do is this: scrape the remaining egg white from its shell and put it on my face. Yucky? 😀 It’s actually a quick facial mask ‘cause it tightens the pores. Kinda weird huh, but it really works. Just rinse with your facial wash after 30 minutes, and you’ll get a softer and smoother face.
  3. I sometimes treat my two teddy bears as real persons. Yep, I even have names for them! One cold night, I had to put some blanket over one of them ‘cause I thought he was freezing.
  4. Some songs, that I sing along to or just being played in the background, make me feel like I’m starring in my own MTV. hehe
  5. My fave veggies are the slimy ones like okra pods, alogbate, asparagus, takway, tugabang, hmmm… what else? Dunno if you’re familiar with some of them, but for me they’re really yummy.
  6. I’m super cautious about locks. I keep checking on the doors even if I know they’re already locked.

Whew! That’s about it… actually I’ve still some more weird things about me but since I’m asked to list only six, soooo… 😀

I won’t be tagging anybody again… but if you think you’re weird, you’ll have no sweat doing this meme. This one’s for you!

This meme got me contemplating on some of my unusual likes or habits and after writing them down, I realize I’m very much a normal and sane person and knowing that I am gives me the freedom to be weird sometimes.

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