We grow by our questions

If you will be asked these simple questions, what would you answer?

I’m sharing my own responses in pink:

What are the 3 things that scare me? Earthquakes / Accidents / Cockroaches and other yucky pests

Who are the 3 people who can make me laugh? Bitoy aka Micheal V. (yari ka!!!) / Gollum aka Smeagol (my preciousssssss….) / Shrek (he’s really a cool and funny ogre)
Actually ANYBODY can make me laugh… I get a good laugh from a funny show, a witty conversation, or some silly talk with kids. period. :))

What are the 3 things I love? Travel / Kids / Music …can I add more to this list? 😀

What are the 3 things I hate? Wars / Discrimination of all sorts – racial, gender, social status, age, looks, whatever! / Pride (chicken, hehe…)

What are 3 things I don’t understand? Politics / The missed call dilemma: why I get calls when my cellphone is not with me and I don’t get calls when it’s with me / The big gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’

What are the 3 things on my desk? A pink Mickey Mouse pen stand / A desk tray / A lamp (*looks at desk* yikes…my desk is a mess!)

What are 3 things I’m doing right now? Doing some plans in AutoCAD / Chatting on Yahoo Messenger / Listening to mp3s full blast (aside from doing this meme… multi-tasking huh!)

What are 3 things I want to do before I die? Travel around the world (I want to slide down the pyramids of Egypt, swim in the Niagara Falls, straighten the leaning tower of Pisa, hehehe / Build a school for the less-privileged but talented kids / Experience financial and time freedom (yeahhh, who wouldn’t?…:))

What are 3 things I can do? Bake yummy pandesal (wanna taste?) and other goodies – cakes and breads / Play the guitar / Make beaded accessories

What are 3 ways to describe my personality? Simple / Friendly / Serene

What are 3 things people might not know about me? When I was in HS I wanted to be a boy, I sported a short boyish hair and was so delighted when somebody called me “’to!” (shortcut for Toto which means little boy), hehehe… those were the times of identity crisis I guess, now I’m pretty much sure of my gender / I am nearsighted so I wear contact lenses / I sleep with my two teddies beside me

What are 3 things I can’t do? Drive (poor Dad, he’s the family driver) / Swim / Use chopsticks like a pro

What are 3 things I think you should listen to? Nature – leaves rustling, rain falling, pounding waves / That endearing voice of a toddler singing a nursery song (so cuteee!) / Positive encouraging words (they’re food for the soul)

What are 3 things I don’t think you should listen to ever? Gossip / Negative suggestions (this is bad for you) / Anything from a fortuneteller or card reader

What are 3 of my absolute favorite foods? Seafood / Pasta / Veggies

What are 3 things I’d like to learn? How to play the guitar like Joe Satriani (ambisyosa gyud!) /  Speak Thai language fluently (sawasdee ka!) / How to do photorealistic 3D graphics (self study on-going)

What are 3 beverages I drink regularly? H2O (tubig!!!) / Hot Milo w/ milk: 3 tbsps Milo + 2 tbsps powdered milk + hot water = yummy! / Hot chocolate 

What are 3 shows I watched when I was a child? I seldom watch TV as a child, so I don’t remember any show, I was always out of the house playing hide and seek with my playmates, or play with dolls, and other girly stuff

This is actually a meme and thanks to Jairam aka Jane, the pretty insomniac, for tagging me.

When I first scanned the questions, they seemed so pretty easy. I was so confident I could answer them within few minutes. But as I went through each of them one by one, I realized the simplest questions are the ones that are actually the most difficult to answer. These are actually powerful questions. What things do I love? How would I describe myself? What are the things that get on my nerves? Wow. These questions are so hard to answer…maybe I don’t know myself that much?

This brings to mind a talk by a very successful businessman. He was stressing about the ‘Power of Questions’. Asking a question to another person puts you in the offensive. You can distinguish a person by the questions he asks. I don’t know from which book he got this insight but I liked it when he said that “We grow by our questions” which means we have to challenge and ask ourselves questions that enrich us and awaken us. For example, “When are you going to resume your exercise routine?” or “What’s holding you back from talking to that sales prospect?” Oh well, questions like that are complicated, but the questions in this particular meme are oh-so-simple… and yet, I’ve been scratching my head for some honest-to-goodness answers.

I won’t be tagging anybody in particular, (you can breathe easily now, hehe…) BUT if you want to do this meme… why not? Do let me know, OK? I’m curious to read your ‘three things’ too. 😀


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