At the crossroads

At the crossroads

     What to decide?

     So many options.

     What motivates me?  Fear, greed, pride, anger, desire, love, faith?

     Am I afraid to fail if I start something new?

     Am I afraid to make mistakes?

     What is my priority in life?  What are my first things?

     What are the relationships that will be affected by my decision?

     What are the circumstances and events that could happen after I decide?

Life is a journey and there will always be that lure, that wicked enticement that draws one’s heart…

to do the easier way, even if it would result to dire circumstances, rather than to exercise the least act of self-denial that builds one’s strength,

     to pass through the wider path, even if it would lead to self-destruction, rather than go with much difficulty through the narrow road that leads to the truth,

     to compromise integrity in exchange for the fleeting attraction of gaining approval and popularity,

     to exchange the value of the future with the whims of the present time.

Just two paths… and the choice I make now would very much determine what I will be tomorrow.

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