Scarlet, Dys and Pree

“Rejoice in your deep connection to the rhythms of the universe. Your monthly cycles are as wondrous a part of the cosmos as the tides and the phases of the moon.

There is natural wisdom in your life’s cyclic pattern – your experience of shedding the old and regeneration, of fullness and emptiness, of rest and activity. Let it teach you.”

Karen Katafiasz, Celebrate-your-Womanhood Therapy

This is girls talk.

Every month I have visitors. Scarlet pays me regular visits since I was 12. I used to dislike her at first but little by little I came to realize her importance to me and I gladly accepted her in my life. We’re now good friends. She has a cousin Dys who usually tags along with her. Before her first day of visit, another cousin Pree would come, usually one or two days ahead, to inform me of Scarlet’s coming.

Well, guess what… I wasn’t able to do my work yesterday because of Scarlet and her cousins. A schedule of my activities for that day was already laid out. My day didn’t go as planned because of the visit. So, I was just in bed resting and just thinking …. and thinking …….. and thinking more… It was nature telling me to slow down and be in tune with the cycles of life.

So, there I was, listening deeply to nature… a strange feeling of awareness came, I felt so much a part of God and the universe… I imagined myself as a tiny speck in the whole vast creation of God… it was such an extraordinary feeling.

Today I feel much better now and I’m back to work. I’m a day behind my schedule but it’s OK, yesterday was a day of connecting with nature.

I thank God for Scarlet, Dys and Pree.

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